Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I join the Association?

You should join if you:

  • Support the Association’s mission.
  • Have an interest in direct care workforce issues and initiatives.
  • Are looking for training/professional development opportunities.
  • Enjoy networking with direct care workers and others interested in the field of direct care.

What’s in it for me?

By joining the Association you will be part of a statewide network that has a shared interest in the direct care workforce. There will be opportunities to participate in annual training Institutes, exchange best practices, meet and network with other direct care workers from across North Carolina and learn more about state and national efforts under way to address direct care workforce concerns.

How will the Association use my dues?

Membership dues will be used to help cover such costs as newsletter, Web site, office expenses and development of education and training opportunities.

Is the Association a union?

No. The Association is an education-based non-profit organization. Its purpose is to improve the quality of care through education and professional development of direct care workers and by raising public awareness of the vital role direct care workers play.

How and when did the Association get started?

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services was awarded a “Real Choice” grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to address direct care workforce issues. One of the major activities of the grant was to establish a statewide direct care workers association. A workgroup of direct care workers, providers, advocates, consumers and representatives of state government was formed in 2002 to begin developing the Association. The Association was incorporated in 2003.

Where does the Association meet?

The Association’s Membership Committee meets every month in Raleigh, and the Board of Directors also meets in Raleigh at least once every three months. For more information about upcoming meetings, click on our calendar.

Does the Association meet in other parts of the state?

In addition to meetings in Raleigh, the Association holds two Direct Care Worker Training Institutes, one in eastern North Carolina and one in the western region of the state.